Exquistively crafted, inspired by nature, stoneware relief tiles and sculpture


Mama Bear

Today is Mother’s Day and no one but a fool would mess with a Mama Bear.  This sculpture has nothing to do with Mother’s Day.

This sculpture is a big ole bear. Her nostrils are wide sniffing  for something to eat.  A few bees won’t stop her if she smells some honey.  This isn’t a dumpster diving bear.  This is a bear who doesn’t eat garbage.  She’s with her cubs in a place that has no road or cell phone reception.  She is from a place that I hope stupid humans never find.  Art must first be imagined before it is created and that is how I imagine Ms Mama Bear.   The inscription on the base is, “Grace in power, Wisdom in strength”   Bear spirit, bear magnificence, Bear power.   The sculpture will shrink as it dries and after high fire might measure approximately 15″ diameter

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear



Paw Prints

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Every dog I’ve owned has greeted each day with boisterous, tall wagging enthusiasm.                         They try hard to encourage me to welcome every day as well. Maybe it’s easier if you have a tail.

Dog lovers can mark chapters of their lives by the canine companions who have shared them.  There’s so much more to a dog then the wag of its’ tail…….I could go on and on but, the purpose of this post is not to say anything a dog lover doesn’t already know.  The purpose is to let everyone know that I do Paw Prints.  The idea came about as a memorial gesture when my German Shepherd, “Otus”  was diagnosed with a fast ,inoperable cancer.  I knew he’d be leaving me soon.  So many,many times I had had cleaned up big, muddy paw prints and then I wanted  them to stay.

I now offer Paw Prints for owners of local area ailing or aged canines without any charge.  A donation is suggested to be made to any animal charity or veterinarian “Angel Fund”.    You may contact me by email (rolraven@olympus.net).  It’s best that I come to the dog with clay slabs.  There is less stress involved  for a dog in their own home.  It is also best that an animal be well enough to still stand.    The dog then is assisted to make paw impressions as “Waylo” demonstrates in the attached photo.   Sweet  “Waylo” had spent many long and wonderful years with her human who knew that every day with her had become more precious at the time the photo was taken.

The Paw Prints can be designed with quotes, embellishments, along with  the pet’s name per owners desire.  It takes about four weeks for  fired, finished prints.

Our dogs are here for us sharing their happy spirits and trying to influence ours.

That’s what our good dogs do.  They in their doggy ways always try  engage us in delight or to fix us when we’re broken. Splendid creatures that we are too briefly granted guardianship to.

I like the quote, ” I have a goal of becoming the person my dog thinks I am”. (anonymous)





Horse # 7 Sculpture

I’ve started the sculpture of Horse #7.  These horse head sculptures are from 14″ to 19″ length size on the base. They are hollow.

Once sculpting is finished they are slowly air dried for 2-3 weeks.  A slow air dry is very important as too much retained moisture can cause the piece to shatter in a fire.  After the first firing glazes are applied.  It can take several hours to glaze as each glaze coat color requires three precise applications.

#7 will be similar to the finished work  pictured when completed.

Moonlight Moose Tile

The Moose tile is finished and ready to ship to it’s new home.  Blue glass has been fused

in with the glaze to create a lovely crackle effect.


Imaging a moonlit moose

This is my Moose under moonlight 6″tile. A custom order for this tile required dedicated moose imaginings. Nothing can be created that is not first imagined.
Glazing colors and firing again comes next before a finish and trip to a happy home in Colorado.

Upside Down Dog Art

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What I’m making now

Here’s a pic of one of the wall pieces I’m working on. Fox & three Ravens with one of my favorite quotes, “All good things are wild and free” by Thoreau
Finished size will be about 10″wide

Rolling Raven Studio has a NEW website!


Now I get to BLOG too.  This is a entirely new exercise & I am happy to have the spell check function.

Blogging certainly can’t be more difficult then performing a high wire trapeze act, riding unruly horses, swimming with sharks or even dining with dinosaurs.   I don’t think it is at all dangerous.   I like to say,”Danger is my business” because it makes me feel important………..don’t really mean it though.

I expect I’ll get the hang of this.    Attached is a photo of yours truly performing an act of great DaringDo earlier this year on a trapeze.  I still entertain notions of joining a Circus.

There’s my post and I hope my advisors, various secret agents,patrons,friends will be patient with me and my fragile ego.

Now I will go back to my studio and create wonderous things.



08/04/12 Gallery Walk

Thank you to all Red Raven patrons for the terrific turnout for this month’s gallery walk. Very much appreciate you all braving the heat to join us for the debut of Wild Things – an exhibit showcasing the sculpture of Sarah Fitch and mixed media work of Marisa Rinaldo.

August 2012 at Red Raven Gallery

Red Raven Gallery

922 Water Street in Port Townsend, Washington, features owner Sarah Fitch’s work in clay, which centers on native flora and fauna. She carves pieces in ceramic clay and paints with various glazes and glass, often embellishing natural forms with figures of horses, ravens, wolves, dragonflies and other creatures.

Also showing is Marisa Rinaldo, an aspiring mixed-media artist whose work often showcases the mythical realm of gods and goddesses. She was originally inspired to create art after observing tattoo artists.